A Workplace Wellness Software Solution

Interpret complex indoor air quality data into important aspects of individual’s wellbeing.

Experience a cutting-edge dashboard

That will transform the way you analyze indoor air quality, make decisions and gain valuable insights at glance.

Indoorcare is a brand agnostic platform

Compatible with various IAQ hardware brands. Designed to help organizations bring data to life with our user-friendly and efficient software.

Ready to boost Workplace Wellness?

Empower your organization with Indoorcare, the ultimate Office Wellness Solution that effortlessly tracks and enhances workplace health.

Reports can be instantly accessed

Save time with report generation with Indoorcare. Whether you need extended, simplified, or customized reports, Indoorcare has got you covered.


Whether in the dashboard, or through email recommendations, offer guidance and practical steps to enhance and maintain a healthy workplace.

Seamless management of reports for your organization

Indoorcare offers holistic solutions to enhance the health and well-being of buildings, workplaces, and schools. Click below to learn more about creating healthier environments specific to each setting.

Compatible hardware brands with Indoorcare software