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We provide our partners with opportunities to gain a competitive edge, boost revenue with advanced software, and stand out in the market with innovative workplace wellness solutions.

Why partner with Indoorcare?

Offer the most innovative workplace solution software

Indoorcare is a cutting-edge software solution . Partnering allows you to provide your clients with the most advanced tools available.

Expand service offerings and differentiate yourself

Enhance your service portfolio. This can differentiate you from competitors who may not offer IAQ software solutions or have less sophisticated solutions.

Access to expertise and data insights

Indoorcare's specialists can provide valuable insights into IAQ data, allowing you to better understand and address your clients' needs.

Increase client value

It allows you to offer a more comprehensive solution that improves occupant health, well-being, and even productivity. This can lead to higher client satisfaction and loyalty.

Generate new revenue streams

Create new revenue opportunities. You may offer Indoorcare's solutions as an add-on service, bundle with your existing offerings, or participate in revenue-sharing agreements.

Reach market and clients

Indoorcare can help you tap into new markets and client segments that you might not be able to access on your own.

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Ways to partner with Indoorcare

Reseller Partnership

You can sell indoorcare software and SAAS solutions to your existing client base or new clients. This partnership model allows you to earn a commission or margin on sales made through your efforts.

Integration Partnership

If you offer complementary products or services, you can explore an integration parnership with indoorcare. By integrating indoorcare solutions into your offerings, you can provide a more comprehensive solution clients and enhance the value you deliver.

White-Label Partnership

Allows you to rebrand indoocare’s software and services under your own brand. This partnership model is suitable for those looking to offer a fully customized workplace wellness solution to their clients while leveraging Indoorcare’s technology and expertise.

Technology Partnership

If you are a technology provider or developer, you can colllaborate with Indoorcare to integrate their solutions into your platform or develop custom solutions together.

Partnership benefits

Partner with us

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