Building Health Solution

Maintain a competitive edge. Oversee and analyse the buildings' health in various locations. Stay ahead of the curve.

Track Building Wellbeing

Track and manage building health conveniently. Identify potential issues early on, allowing timely maintenance to be carried out. Ensuring building’s optimal condition.

Building Wellbeing Comparison

Gaining insights into your various building locations will enable you to pinpoint the healthiest areas and identify those in need of attention and improvement.

Multiple Office Location Monitoring

Gaining insights into your different office locations will help identify areas that require improvement in the workplace. This is crucial as it directly affects employee productivity, well-being, and the company’s bottom line.

Building Manager

Indoorcare is a valuable tool to monitor building performance, maintenance planning, energy efficiency optimization, occupant satisfaction, and reporting.

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Frequently asked questions

Indoorcare helps building management by providing real-time and actionable insights into the air quality of the entire building. This allows for proactive maintenance, improved occupant health and comfort, and can contribute to higher building ratings and certifications.

Indoorcare analyzes a variety of IAQ data, including levels of pollutants, humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors that affect air quality, building health, and occupant wellbeing.

Reports can be shared, downloaded, and viewed through the platform’s dashboard. These reports provide detailed insights and recommendations that can be used by building, owners, facilities managers, health & safety officers, and other stakeholders.

Building owners, facilities managers, health and safety officers, and occupants can benefit from using Indoorcare to ensure a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

Continuous monitoring is recommended to ensure that IAQ remains at optimal levels and to quickly address any issues that arise. It helps maintain a healthy building, and supports proactive building management.

Indoorcare helps maintain a healthy building. This leads to improve satisfaction, and potentially higher building ratings.

Yes, data from INDOORCARE can be compared across multiple offices, floors, building locations within the country, or even internationally.

Indoorcare provides detailed IAQ data and reports that can support the requirements for various building certifications, such as LEED, WELL, and RESET. The platform’s insights and recommendations can help in maintaining the necessary standards for these certifications.

Indoorcare cannot be integrated directly into the BMS. However, a third-party IAQ monitoring device can be integrated into the BMS using INDOORCARE software to interpret and analyze the data through two-way connectivity.

Yes, INDOORCARE is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform. This means it is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, providing flexibility and ease of use for managing and monitoring your building’s health.

Yes, INDOORCARE allows you to access and analyze historical IAQ data. This feature helps in understanding long-term trends, assessing the effectiveness of implemented measures, and planning future improvements.



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