School Wellness Solution

Provides valuable tools that will help not only to fosters a positive atmosphere for learning but also promotes overall well-being within the school community.



Indoorcare helps promote a healthy and comfortable classroom environments that supports students’ health and well being, cognitive function, and academic success.

Teachers & Staff

By promoting a healthy, comfortable, productive work environment, enabling them to focus on their roles effectively and maintain their well-being while at school.​


Gain insights of the school environment conditions to facilitate the maintenance of a safe and healthy setting for all individuals.

Compatible hardware brands with Indoorcare software

Frequently asked questions

Indoorcare provides valuable and actionable insights into a school classrooms wellbeing and other office spaces within a school. This ensures a healthy and comfortable environment for students and staff, which can enhance learning and reduce absenteeism.

Indoorcare helps maintain optimal learning environment for students, staff and teachers. This creates a better learning environment, leading to improved student performance and overall wellbeing.
The RESET Viral index is from RESET, a feature that assesses the potential viral load in the indoor environment. This index helps in understanding and mitigating the risks associated with airborne viruses in the school.
Reports generated by Indoorcare can be shared, downloaded, and viewed through the platform’s dashboard. These reports provide detailed insights and recommendations that can be used by school administrators and facility managers.
Students, teachers, school administrators, and facility managers can benefit from using Indoorcare to ensure a healthier and more comfortable learning environment.
Yes, Indoorcare features are designed to cater to various types of indoor spaces within a school, including classrooms, gyms, libraries, and administrative offices. The platform can be customized to meet the specific needs of each area.
Yes, data can be compared across multiple classrooms, school buildings within the district, or even internationally.
Yes, Indoorcare is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform. This means it is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, providing flexibility and ease of use for managing your school health.



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